A family story

From generation to generation we offer our services for many occasions: coach rentals with driver, excursions, tours, city tours, weddings, corporate events, day trips … or more.
Les origines de l’entreprise Emile Frisch : Monsieur Joseph Frisch devant un véhicule vers 1927


The company is originally established in 1927 by Joseph Frisch in Saeul, Luxembourg. Later, the reins are transferred to his sons Emile, Henri and François, who form Voyages Frisch Frères in Boulaide.

Création de la société Emile Frisch

1932 – 1952

With ten vehicles, the business operates the Boulaide-Luxembourg and Boulaide-Wiltz-Rambrouch routes. There is also a choice of tours throughout Europe.

In 1947, the brothers go their separate ways, and each starts his own business. On 20 November 1947, Emile leaves Boulaide and founds his new company Autocars Emile Frisch on 20 route d’Esch, Luxembourg.

At this point, the fleet comprises nine vehicles.

The Kopstal-Bridel-Luxembourg service commences on 8 December 1947.

Création de la société Emile Frisch

1954 – 1964

1954 : The office and the maintenance workshop move to 5 rue Jules Fischer, Bonnevoie.

Emile Frisch dies on 15 December 1962, and his wife Hélène Frisch-Schmit and nephew Emile Frisch assume management of the company.

Premiers autocars grand luxe mis en service

1969 – 1981

1970: Foundation of Société des Anciens Etablissements Autocars Emile Frisch Sàrl.

1976: The first luxury coach with WC, air conditioning, video player and drinks bar goes into operation in Luxembourg.

On 19 December 1978, Autocars Emile Frisch and 22 other businesses found the Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Exploitants d’Autobus et d’Autocars.

Développement et transmission de la société à Guy et Jean-Claude Frisch

1986 – 2000

A Neoplan Spaceliner is bought in 1986. The driver’s seat is located below the passenger deck. When the new coach is purchased, the fleet’s livery is changed to clear lines on a white background.

1998: A new Kässbohrer coach (S316 HDS) joins the fleet.

1999: The business is transferred to sons Guy and Jean-Claude Frisch.

Évolution des lignes de bus pour la ville de Luxembourg

2003 – 2006

2003: Two A330s go into operation for the city of Luxembourg.

In 2004, there is a fleet of 34 vehicles. Business continues to flourish; space at the premises in Bonnevoie is limited, and another move becomes necessary.

The purchase of two articulated buses for route 16 presents new challenges because maintenance at the in-house workshop is no longer possible.

La société Autocars Pletschette rejoint les autocars Emile Frisch pour l’exploitation d’un site commun

2009 – 2011

In 2009, Autocars Emile Frisch and Autocars Pletschette in Bettemburg sign an agreement to construct and use joint premises.

In November 2010, the firm commissions designers Vidale-Gloesener to develop new graphics and a new, highly recognisable logo.

The new graphics are used from March 2011 onwards.

Inauguration du nouveau site de l’entreprise

From 2012

In February 2012, the keys are handed over for two new four-star TX coaches at the Vanhool factory in Lier (Koningshooikt).

On 27 April 2012, the new premises are officially opened in the presence of leading figures from the passenger transportation industry in Luxembourg.

At the same time, Autocars Emile Frisch celebrates its 85th anniversary.

Today, Guy and Jean-Claude Frisch are the fourth generation of the family to manage the company. Autocars Emile Frisch has a workforce of 120 and operates a fleet of 62 vehicles.