1. Processing your personal data

1.1 Purpose of the emile-frisch.lu website

The purpose of the emile-frisch.lu website is to introduce you to the company Autocars Emile Frisch SARL, hereinafter referred to as Emile Frisch, or we/us through its services and to enable you to contact the company to take advantage of such services.

1.2 Purpose of processing your personal data

The only purpose of processing personal data (e-mail, first name, surname, message, etc.) that you freely communicate to us by e-mail and via the site’s contact forms, as well as by post or telephone, is to enable Emile Frisch to process and respond to your request. Information collected is not transferred to third parties except if this is necessary to process your request. We will respect your privacy and where applicable, will only share your data to process your request.

1.3 Your data controller

Autocars Emile Frisch SARL, 120, Z.A.E Wolser A, L-3225 Bettembourg, is your data controller. E-mail: rgpd@emile-frisch.lu

2. Exercising your rights

2.1 Your rights

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Chapter III Art. 12 and 15 to 23), you have the following rights to control and protect your personal data.

Right of access (Art. 15)

You can ask to see all your personal data that has been collected and how it is used.  Art. 15

Right to rectification (Art. 16)

You may request that your personal data be updated, completed, or corrected in accordance with Art. 16 of the GDPR.

Right to erasure (Right to be forgotten) (Art. 17) 

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Right to restriction of processing (Art. 18)

You may request that the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose be restricted under the conditions set out in Art. 18 of the GDPR.

Right to data portability (Art. 20)

You may request that your personal data be transferred to you or to a third party in accordance with Art. 20 of the GDPR.

Right to object (Art. 21)

You may request that your personal data not be processed or used in accordance with Art. 21 of the GDPR.

2.2 Exercising your rights

You can exercise your rights summarised in point 2.1 above by sending:

  • an e-mail to rgpd@emile-frisch.lu
  • a postal letter to Autocars Emile Frisch SARL, 120, Z.A.E Wolser A, L-3225 Bettembourg

In order to ensure that your request is legitimate, you must include a copy of a valid proof of identity with your request. This will be kept as proof of your identity for 2 years after your request. The purpose of the processing, the processing itself and the controller of your data you send us in connection with exercising your rights are identical to those set out in points 1.2 and 1.3 on this page.

3. Links to third-party websites from the emile-frisch.lu website

The emile-frisch.lu website contains hyperlinks to other websites. Emile Frisch cannot be held liable for hypertext links to other websites or for any other resources available on the internet, and therefore cannot be held liable for:

  • any inconvenience caused by the services of these internet sites,
  • the content accessible via these links or their updates,
  • any separate data protection policies implemented by these sites.

4. Personal data related to recruitment

The sole purpose of collecting any data collected (last name, first name, town, postcode, email, CV, cover letter) is for considering your application for a potential position within the company. This information is used exclusively by Emile Frisch.

Data will be kept for 6 months if your application is unsuccessful. Otherwise, it will be held and updated regularly throughout your employment contract. You may exercise your right to access this data at any time by writing to the following e-mail address: rgpd@emile-frisch.lu

5. Cookies

Internet users are informed that, when they visit this site, cookies may be automatically installed on their browser (cookies are text files stored by Internet browsers).

Information on transferring data to the United States

Please note that Emile Frisch uses software from companies based in the United States, such as Google Analytics and Google Maps, on its website. The United States was not previously considered a safe third country. On 10 July 2023, the European Commission adopted a new adequacy decision finding that the United States provides a level of protection substantially equivalent to that of the European Union. It allows personal data to be transferred to certified US entities, such as Google, on the US “Data Privacy Framework” website.

5.1 Google Analytics performance cookies

The emile-frisch.lu website uses the Google Analytics services provided by the American company Google Inc. The Google Analytics performance cookies enable us to perform statistical analyses and help Emile Frisch to understand how users navigate its website. For example, these cookies are used to estimate how many people visit the site and pick up errors. Emile Frisch uses the data collected to improve the content, features, and performance of its website to provide visitors with a better online experience.

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Alternatively, to deactivate Google Analytics, you can add the “GaOptOut” plugin provided by Google to your browser and object to your IP address being collected and recorded as well as object to collecting cookies and tracking data. Emile Frisch would like to draw your attention to the fact that Internet users accept full liability for the consequences of their choice. Emile Frisch can in no way be held liable for the consequences of any limitation or malfunction of its site if you refuse to install cookies.

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5.2 Social network cookies

For any information relating to the potential use of cookies by social networks, we recommend that you read the conditions of use, rules, parameters and management policy for these cookies and other tracers on the respective websites of their publishers, including:

5.3 Accepting or refusing cookies

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